FLOOR FLOWS: 30-minute Natural Movement Workout for Core Strength, Cardio, Mobility



  1. I love this workout. Total sweat fest. Also, thank you so much for posting the artists and songs you have in the video. I really liked one of the songs a lot and was trying to figure it out when I saw you listed it in your description.

  2. Sweat fest! This was an awesome combo workout (I skip the forward rolls). I am starting to neglect my yoga workout and doing your movement videos lately because they seem to loosen up my joints better. Thank you!

  3. I cannot wait to do this tonight. I’m used the standard yoga flows..so some of the moves here are new to me and I’m excited to add them to my mobility/stretching routine. Will do multiple days a week! 👍

  4. Love these function movement exercises! U Rock thank you I’m 60 and slowly improving my movement!

  5. This looks interesting! Would you say it's safe for someone with a herniated lumbar disc? Thank you!

  6. I have also subscribed, I think I have found a good place to start. 🙂 You also have a very good collection of videos made.

  7. loving your stuff 🙏🏼but forward rolls arelike rock fallson the ground any tips😬😱cant believe how easy it was when ı was akid thanks in advance .if there is workout u created before on the subject spesifly can u please send me the link😀

  8. I found this bc I'm looking for something other than the plyo cardio I normally do on cardio days. I wanted something that felt good but still got my heart rate up. This was great! I was sweating by the end and I was having fun. Cant wait to try more!!

  9. So many thanks for this video. I experienced my first practice of natural flow through your guidance. Keep up your good flow!

  10. This was my first flow with you and I loved it. This was exactly what kind of movement I was craving today. 🙂 Thank you!

  11. Thanks for all your good creations! But a question: what do you eat in a da? Because there are so many different sights and "rights" of eating, in the world and that's the most confusing part in life! There are tooo much meanings in that case! I thank you for a comment! Have a great time!

  12. Thank you Kellen once again for this amazing practice. So happy and excited about it and enjoyed so much! Happy to notice how my body started loosen up as the rounds went through. This is the kind of workout I need on a regular basis.

  13. So so so so amazing. I really needed this movement this morning. Ab-soul-utely perfect! Thank you.

  14. another great one… at 8:30p in Mallorca, Spain… storm coming in outside and this this was perfect to clear the day, getting ready for a peaceful rest. Your personal connection talk at the end is such a great balance to the physical effort and I appreciate it! Thank you and … see you next time! (by the way, I've shared your videos with my two exercise loving 'kids' (23 & 25 years old!) and they love you too)

  15. just did this as my morning movement and now i feel ready and fresh for the day. thank you, kellen!

  16. You're looking jacked lately! Are you doing primarily movement or also other disciplines?

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