Figure 8 – The Fitness Marshall – Dance Workout



  1. This guy moves great! Very coordinated instructor! But I hate that he feels it necessary to continuously grab himself. How does this add to the workout? Other than the grabbing of his crotch (perhaps some jock itch medication might help? haha), this is an excellent workout.

  2. Great one! Thank you for doing this! Hope I can create a video as great as this! I just subscribed! Thank you for being an inspiration!
    I am hoping to show my transformation soon!

  3. I just came across your channel & I'm so happy I could cry. as a new mom dealing with postpartum depression, having gained alot of weight due to the fact that I quit the gym to save $$ so I can stay home with my baby girl, I have been searching tirelessly for a dance tutorial workout routine like this because really dancing is the only cardio I enjoy. not just enjoy, love. and I haven't found anything quite like this.
    I just finished an hour of doing your videos. it's the first real workout I've had in over a year & I plan to continue this every day.
    sincerely, thank you for your channel ♡

  4. Love your enthusiasm! By the way, any time I hear a song that you've created a workout to, I'm patiently waiting to hear your voice giving commands. Hahaha!!!

  5. Weaves were lost, mistakes were made, lessons were learned. Me and my cousins are gonna whoop ass if we're ever in a dance battle now. XD

  6. OMG…I just found this channel today and I'm already in love! These vids are about to be my new workout routine. I love your energy! So good. 🙂

  7. It's scary how he can dance more feminine than me 😨😨 maybe it's cuz I have literally nothing to 'pop' or 'shake' and I most certainly don't have a 'Figure 8' ._. Great vid though 😛

  8. you are truly amazing…. you got my nerve really breaking.. hope i can dance with you .. same with the back up ladies. I'm pretty much good dancer than those ladies… hahahahha… (in my dreams) hehhehehe…

  9. Woo! Another video I love 😄😍 I love doing this one even tho I have trouble with some stuff and I've been practicing it and now my neck hurt so much from all the hair flipping, I prob did it too fast too 😭 but whatev I still love the dance 😍😍😍

  10. i really wish i could be in one of your videos, i lpve doing your routines and dancing is my life but i never had a lot of money so i was never able to be in a dance school. And it was so touching too be when you commented on my video.

  11. I absolutely love your videos! you have the best facial expressions, and you make it easy to want to workout!! please keep em coming!! maybe some chris brown loyal???

  12. I love this video, and your work obviously… Its great but why i cant see you in I need a count or what?… Well i follow you in facebook and here… Thanks for do this videos you have to much energy <3

  13. is the girl in black a filipina?she's cute..i love your videos,you are my number one fav now,i used to watch amberblance zumba vids but now its your vids that i always use whenever i want to get some sweat,,Keep it up!

  14. Ok, I'm starting my work out tomorrow LOL! You should do a class tour at different gyms or YMCA and do these as classes–I will be there if you're in Cincinnati :)))

    Keep up the great work @FitnessMarshall 😀

    xo, Yoda

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