Fencing Footwork You Can Practice at Home – Intermediate Workout (revised version)



  1. I had recently had knee surgery, so I haven’t fended for a long time time. These videos have helped me recover. These are really effective.

  2. Very glad I found your videos on YouTube. Hope you'll continue making them!

    Where do you add strength training to your training regiment, if at all?

  3. Thanks for these! I’ve tried some other videos but by far, yours is the best. Very engaging, efficient and I get great results. Keep up the excellent work🙌🏾

  4. Pfew, have done the beginners workout twice a week for a month now. Now I did the intermediate, that takes a lot of sweat to do it! Nice!
    1 tip, I do it with my weapon in my hand, I think it gives a better balanceand feel, and you'r also training your arm.
    Thnx coach! Greetings from Amsterdam the Netherlands.

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