1. I have been so motivated to work out which I was so lazy before other than scrolling through work out videos. And now I'm more into toning my body and love all your challenge workouts. I have been doing your series 2,7 minutes belly fat workout and I can see results in just 2 weeks (without following diet too) Much love from India!! 💙

  2. Love your workouts!!! Can't. Believe I'm still doing them. I like your voice is so calming and the moves are simple but difficult and I can't wait till next week to start your food regiment. Doing your arms and 7 Day Workout. Doing them both love them so much. Maybe next week start your butt workout if you have one thank you so much

  3. Hi Lucy. Just completed this workout after doing an indoor walking workout. Really great toning for arms and abs. Thank you will add this to my saved list. x

  4. hey lucy great fan of yours loving your vedios,I have muscle soreness not able to do workouts the next day what to do,I am interested to do it daily but my soreness kills:(

  5. Lucy please suggest exercises for arm and muscle pain. I have terrible muscle pain can't hold anything from my left hand

  6. Lucy I’m so addicted to your workouts 😊
    😊 since october 27 you inspired me so much, thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️

  7. I really hope this works! <33 if anyone wants to know if I complete it for 3 weeks I’ll update!

  8. Been following Her exercises since last year and I'm happy with the results I upload videos to share with other people my results

  9. Lucy can you please make a video on bloated stomach workout. It's a request. Btw thanks for all of your videos. ❤

  10. Thank you! I just watched and exercised with you for the first time just now. It brought a sweat to my body! I just need to continue, persevere and overcome my slothful ways! I appreciate you for your wonderful assistance!

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