Every Way to Cook a Steak (43 Methods) | Bon Appétit



  1. steamed steak: exists
    me: remembers the breath of the wild unraveled video
    me: if youtube has taught me anything its if you steam a steak you are objectively wrong

  2. 12:57 im sorry but did you just close the oven to broil your steak? If you leave your oven closed up when broiling you end up baking the item instead. When the door is closed moisture can't escape and the oven reaches equilibrium faster which will kick off the heating element and put an end to that intense, dry heat you're looking for.

  3. Genocide is acceptable towards anyone who advocates boiled steak?

    I mean…. it seems reasonable.

  4. Actually, lasers don’t have actual thermal energy nor can they harm us or anything. They just sort of… exist.

  5. Sous-vide steak should be salted, peppered and have garlic powder rubbed on it before you put it in the bag. Then you put the bag in a 130° water bath for 2 hours. Then you take it out the bag and sear it to apply the Maillard process. That's how you cook steak sous-vide.

  6. You're missing greasy obese moist buttcrack, because they smell horrible and have super radioactive heat…

    Also, you're missing the Blackberry style

  7. I don’t know whats more weird, the fact that this is on my recommendations, or the fact that I watched the whole thing.

  8. Fancy Waiter:"how well would u like your stake cooked?"
    Me: "toastered"
    Fancy Waiter: "I.. must of heard something wrong, may you repat that please?"
    Me: "I am sorry, did I stutter??"

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