Energy Boost 5 Minute Walk



  1. Great idea! I will have my friends and my aunt they might do it with me, with any clothes we want to walk in place for 5 minutes.

  2. I want to say i am 66 yrs. young I have fractured 2 toes on one foot and fractured my other ankle walking outdoors on uneven ground so i decided to resort to another type of workout which was this Low Impact aerobics by Leslie Sansone's inside my house. I sarted during Xmas vacation of 2018 and was leerie of any weightloss results BUT two days ago Feb. 20th 2019 I got on our scales and WAALAAA I have dropped 11 pounds I yelled at my wife is your weight always bout the same I thought I broke the scales and they are correct about two months I lost 11 pounds. YAHOO. Charles Smith today is Feb. 22 2019. I AM WELL PLEASED

  3. Would truly love to have many more of these 5 minute walks. Do them as soon as I get out of bed =)

  4. Thank you for this workout! I have Fibromyalgia​ and it's hard to move, everything hurts so bad. Just enough time to jump start my 💓.

  5. That was wonderful Leslie! Wow! exhilarating and you are always so much fun. Thank you for loving the Lord and making exercise fun and enjoyable.

  6. Thanks so much! I needed this to get myself pumped for a walk. I'll be saving this for when I need a break from sitting down for so long. ^_^

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