Ember rips Mandy’s “Muscle & Fitness HERS” cover: SmackDown Exclusive June 4, 2019



  1. If Ember and Sonya will be build up in a right way, these two could be better than Sasha and Charlotte…

  2. Ember should've gotten that title shot and Alexa should've stayed in the tag title picture with Nikki

  3. I love how Sonya tried to intimidate Ember by getting in her face, looked in Ember’s eyes then backed up, she saw the fire there 🔥

  4. I’d love to see ember and Sonya really have a story line of course with Mandy involved. So I hope this is actually going somewhere.

  5. I swear to you i hated her when she throwed the Stephen King carrie book , How dare you mandy Respect the legend

  6. I just wondering where is liv morgan and also mickie james?it looks like they disappeared since superstar shakeup

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