Electric MX Bike Makes Professional Debut at Red Bull Straight Rhythm | Moto Spy Supercross



  1. One day someone somewhere, will be riding this bike in the heavy rain, and they will get an electric shook.😂

  2. A short sprint is not a race! The longer electric runs the less power it has. How about a full race this is just hype.

  3. I'm glad they're making a motorcycle for LGBTQIAP people.
    VP sucking 2 strokes spew the essence of man.

  4. When Josh hill looked over at Cunningham whit that crazy speed through the whoops, man that's a gnarly move!

  5. And electric bike will never be cool. And as far as competition it wont last. Ya I get it there doing it cause they can, but the majority of us like the gas.

  6. Who wants to watch this if there is nothing to listen? Imagine if there are two electric bikes racing against each other. History? Sad history!

  7. Cool for the woods and play rides but please don’t ruin the sport anymore since the loss of 2 strokes !

  8. I wonder how long it last on a charge and don't forget eventually you going to start losing power when the voltage gets To a certain point just like an RC cars

  9. being electric, cant they hook up a speaker to it and just play a recording of a gas bikes BRAAP ?

  10. The riders of tomorrow are going to have shit on the riders of today. This will kill motocross. Its sad.

  11. I'm curios how loud they are and what noise it makes. Be awesome for practicing in populated areas where noise wood be an issue !!

  12. A few of the things that make bikes of all kinds but especially dirt bikes awesome is the sound, the smell, and even the looks. The sound of a dirt bike just ripping on a track will always beat "silence". The smell of a 2 stroke engine is 1 of the best smells you'll ever smell and guess what, electric bikes dont make hardly any noise and dont make that unbeatable smell. And lastly…. the looks. The shape of an engine on a motorcycle is just perfection. With the electric bike… it looks like you put a window unit air conditioner in the bike and called it an engine, it looks like garbage. The only good thing these bikes are good for is like a slow cruise down a trail or if your on someones property and you don't want to get caught. I really hope these bikes dont take over the motocross world, it'll ruin it.

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