Edging to Increase Stamina (Simple Explanation)



  1. hope not dumb question but is it possiable edge to much. every day i enjoy edge usually 2x night for about 45min-1hr somtimes longer hour half, with about 9-10 almost arrives sometime even more 12-15 lol. my stamina has become legendary but i worry i might be desensitize my self too much

  2. How to not ejaculate prematurely, have sex with a gross person and you likely won’t prematurely if it all

  3. Can you orgasm with out ejaculating?
    Does this actually make you able to go for longer or do you just have to stop for the rest of your life?

  4. Can you make some more dense, technique-focused videos? I miss the old YouTube that didn't feel like watching TV.

  5. Will This actually increase the time it takes to reach the "point of no return" Or does it just familiarize you with it. I want to have longer sex

  6. Can anybody confirm actual result from this method? I haven't heard of any success stories

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