Eating One Meal a Day Weight Loss Results – Here’s What Happened After JUST 7 Days



  1. i’m doing something similar but i’m in a water fast i’m in day 1 and i lost like 700g in 21 hours

  2. What app are you using to count calories? Trying this for the first time and am lacking proper resources… Reply really appreciated!

  3. I eat only dinner. Mostly break my fast with grilled vegetables with chicken or meat.

  4. You can eat whatever u want, it’s all about calories. I’ve lost over 45 pounds in 4 months, I lost all this eating my normal favorite foods just only ate once a day. During the fasting hours I only consumed water and black coffee, no diet drinks or mints or candy. The weight falls off.

  5. I have a question What If you eat three or two times a day?
    Do you start gaining weight right after maybe eating more then three times a day like 4 times?

  6. I already lost weight with OMAD and regular gym last year but then I gained again after a year. Now I am trying to do OMAD again but it seems to be more hard now.

  7. Workout twice a day and intermediate fasting(on most days) 86kg to 78 kg in 2month pretty good result so far

  8. OMAD worked for me on vacation….I ate one big meal (3-hour eating window) every night for 7 days and lost 2 pounds. I ate whatever I wanted too.
    When I'm home I normally do 16:8 (but eat all healthy whole foods) 6 days a week and do OMAD on Sundays. I also take diet breaks every now and then. This protocol along with regular exercise helps me stay lean and muscular all year long.

  9. What's with all the gibba gabba. This is not bloody rocket science! I don't want to hear your thoughts. I just want to see the results mate. I don't want to here what will happen, I want to experience it for myself.

  10. I started this diet Saturday 10 august and still haven't weighted myself ! I'll update you on Saturday to see the week's results
    My starting weight : 79kg
    Edit: I'm now 75.6kg

  11. I told my mom I was doing the OMAD diet and everyone who heard me in the process started going on about how it destroys my organism and whatnot, I had 90kg and now i have 85 after a week so even if it is hurtful I wouldn't care all that much lol

  12. I had a Powerade with 0 sugar and 0 calories am I able to drink that without breaking my fast

  13. So ur weight goes up and down throughout the day because my scale says a different weight in the afternoon then the morning

  14. Hello. I am a quite overweight. I am Pacific Islander so I have a lot bigger bones than most people. I might look towards this because I am looking towards good weight loss. I am currently 160 kgs and I am 6 foot 5. Would you recommend this? I eat about 3 pretty substantial meals a day

  15. It actually works lost 25 pounds even tho sometimes I might eat a second meal if I feel weak it still works just don’t eat after 8 pm and try to exercise 💪

  16. Sir nag start ako ng OMAD kahapon. Day 2 ko na ngayon. Mas mabuti ba habang nag O-OMAD ka sasabayan mo ng push ups and seat ups? Kasi gustong gusto po natin ng results soon 😁

  17. How does Blake 201 eat all those carbs and keep the weight off.I love bread and rice and pasta.He eats them all but with no fat.Thanks

  18. Been doing it for two weeks now,I haven't lost any noticible weight.

    Ive been eating healthy foods with only a small sweet every now and then

  19. I started my IF 2 days ago, it's going okay currently and I'm currently working out at home for 15 mins. What diet would you suggest? Boiled Eggs and salad?

  20. Can you give examples of what meals you can eat? Could I eat chicken enchiladas and rice for my meal?

  21. I'm 5'7 pretty skinny I weigh 160 on a good day most of my weight comes from my legs and I'm starting to do this bc I graduated and I'm not in sports anymore (they used to kill us during football so we all stayed pretty skinny and fit) fasted from like 2am to around 5-6 I kinda failed around 3 bc I ate a couple pieces of kit kats but over all good bc I didn't feel hungry I onto felt hungry in the morning but I just ate my meal which I probably shouldn't have I ate a ribeye steak, a piece of corn on the cob and some broccoli and cheese. I also used to eat what ever I wanted and a lot of it bc i was so active in sports i used to eat gummy candy all the time fried chicken just all around fast food and junk food now I cut down a lot bc I realized if I keep eating that way I will get fat in the long run it wouldn't happen fast since I'm young and have a good metabolism but I dont want to risk it I like being skinny :p

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