Dwyane Wade Conditioning Training for NBA | Muscle Madness



  1. “It’s just a game.” You got the game part right bcuz it is a game but when you add the “just” part you minimize it and that’s so disrespectful bcuz it’s way more than “just a game”

  2. Why not do a typical strength training program and then go practice skills on the court? Much of what he is doing here is strength agility testing and or rehab…

  3. Did anyone else just want to see him dunk it at the end of the cable sprint with the ball?

  4. D -Wade is a 3 time champion. Never underestimate the heart of a champion. Wade knows exactly what this means being back with Lebron in Cleveland . Wade knows what it takes to win a championship.

  5. all this training is bs just go old school and PRACTICE and thats all you need, plus get on a exercise program with weights not this junk, its hype doesnt do shit for your game what so ever

  6. he's mostly working on skill and proprioception based conditioning rather than training raw athletic power. I guess at his age that is the best way to stay healthy

  7. what wade really needs to do is lose some weight so that jumping, running, etc is less strenuous on his joints AND his shooting. we know how athletic he is, he needs to work on shooting the basketball.

  8. I clicked on this just to say all that conditioning and those knees are still shot

  9. This is what needs tone shown to the youth it's more than just playing basketball it's a lifestyle

  10. Most of the comments are from salty white boys who wish they were 1/10 as athletic as black folks. You see the look on their face when you jug by and it's like they just saw God.

  11. its hard to understand how strong and agile NBA athletes really are…

  12. All this stuff looks good, he more ripped than he ever was but he still a shadow of his former self on the court. This stuff doesn't translate at all.

  13. Very smart workout. All the exercises are well thinked. The trainer always try to combine the physical drills with the basket.Good job

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