Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar for Weight Loss Pt. 2 | PAIGE MARIAH



  1. I have gained over 60 pounds in over a year and I feel so disgusting so thanks for this recommendation I’ll try it!!!

  2. Are you supposed to drink acv everyday? Or how much times a week no one ever mentions that

  3. Thank you for this video💕. For me Brand has been everything… I don’t want to throw anybody’s company under the bus … but Bragg is the best. I’ve tried two other brands (with the mother in it) and not only was the taste different but my results differed as well. I’ll be sticking with Braggs. Thank you again, I appreciate your videos❤️❤️❤️

  4. Yep that's right ! You need to dillute the ACV in water then use straw instead to take it like how you always drink ordinary watee

  5. Here’s a tip for drinking your apple cider vinegar block your nose while you drink it and you can’t taste anything 👍🏼👍🏼

  6. Like this so that others could see it and save their time.
    1) use straw because apply cyder can make your teeth enamels week
    2) use lemon to dilute. (Optional)
    3) drink twice , once early in the morning empty stomach and at night after dinner
    4) i workout and drink apple cider i don't just depend on apple cider
    5)i also diet and changed the way I eat
    6)what workout i do? Cardio, running.
    7)how long did I lose weight ? 4 months
    Please like 👍

  7. I drink ACV for weight loss benefits. It works. But I also messed up my back teeth. I have bad sensitivity now. So now I use a straw, but mostly I use the ACV pills now .

  8. Breastfeeding helps lose weight so I am not sure if acv is needed. Then again consult ur doctor.

  9. I live in Sweden and we don’t have “the mother” on ANYYY brand, help?:(

  10. acid will also wear down metal eventually. I just stick my straws in the dishwasher and reuse.

  11. Can’t you just brush your teeth after you don’t use a straw? Or do you absolutely have to use a straw to save your teeth.

  12. all I wanna know is how long after drinking it in the morning should I wait to eat

  13. SAMMME I took a shot of apple cider vinegar and it was soo bad my throat started bubbling and I started coughing to the point where the vinegar went up my nose. it was soo gross and the worst part was the apple cider vinegar was without the mother 😒😭

  14. I knew she was about to say the straw😂 I had learned quick my mom told me to grab a damn straw before I end up with missing teeth 😂

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