Dr Jason Fung – Benefits of Intermittent Fasting



  1. Bought your book, thank you, you are my Doctor as I didn’t get the help I needed from my own doctors. I feel they could care less about me and my treatment. My A1C was 11 my blood sugar was in the 450 range. And I thought I had no will power to change. I started a low carb keto type diet with fasting. I now have total control. I left sugar potatoes, bread rice all behind. I’m eating so much better, no cravings at least 30 min. Of exercise. My blood sugars are now between 90 and 130 and I’m very excited to see what my 3 month Blood test will bring. I’m thinking my Doctor is going to freak. I turned this around in very short time. You are a miracle worker. I wish more doctors were as smart as you. Thank you.🙏❤️ New Mexico Albuquerque

  2. Sir you are so correct…oh my….i used to forget everything…patient names, records, clothes I wore the day before…even the day of the week and I am a young woman between 35-42. I was so afraid that I was getting Alzheimer. On two occasions I called the police to report my car stolen only to find it later. I would walk around Walmart for hours trying to find my car. but recently, I was lead to do a spiritual fast. I ate only once a day …it has been a month and a half and mind you, I walked into a room yesterday and i was able to remember everyone names instantly. I remembered the clothes I wore and also what some of my co-workers wore. I have mental clarity. My appetite decrease, I no longer feel depressed, no headaches…wow..wow..wow….Plus my body is nice, no unnecessary fat, one of my colleagues at work thought I was in my early twenties. I believe that kind of fasting reversed what could have been an onset of memory loss. When one of my superiors on work said to me, girl you have excellent memory…I knew my life would never be the same…Thank YOU JESUS CHRIST for leading me to such wonderful discovery.

  3. Thank you doc I show your vids to all my family members , it's scary how my doctor at Kaiser just kept adding more insulin and more of was like art this ain't right and then I found you thank you doctor fung

  4. Fasting work good. I’ve been fasting for four days so far I lost 6 pounds and I am trying to do 14 days thank you Dr. Fung

  5. I see the health benefits of fasting but I don’t want to lose weight. Any suggestions ? Thank you

  6. Can you have spiced tea during a 7 day fasting? I normally add cardamom…ginger root…cayenne…and utmeric to green or moringa tea…with Apple codar vinegar. I'm doing OMAD/23 hr fasting but would like to transition to a 7 day fast soon…

  7. Dr. Fung does IF causw the following to hapoen.. 1) rash on the skin at the kidney site. 2) a gas or mussle strain like sensation in my kidney.

  8. I totally agree with fasting because it gives the body organs an opportunity to rest and to clean themselves. I eat twice a day, I have in the past done fasting once a week and I've done a one week juice fasts. The longer you fast the easier it becomes.

  9. In my case , not pre operatively diagnosed as diabetic (random was 5.7Mmols/litre), had a total hip replacement. within two weeks my sugars were in the 20's, had the polys, the vision disturbances and began losing weight-40 lbs in six months actually. I was not fasting at all. after 6 months my sugars were in the high 20's and even thirities, was put on Metformin which did nothing. a year later the day I saw anEndo specialist was put on 70-30. My A1C's were abnormal. Finally switched to a rapid and a basal. No one could explain to me why this happened.
    surgery was the answer. I have confidence in my medical team at queen's.

  10. You said it at the 51:30 minute interval. "They are not classified as diabetic anymore". so you can undiagnose diabetes? A resident at Queen's told me they cannot undiagnose diabetes. I pretty much told him to take a hike. I do not use a basal, a rapid or OHA's because the weight loss.

  11. So, in fasting and keto diets, does your body first use up all glycogen stores and then burn fat for fuel? 🤔

  12. Dr Jason Fung is top class! The interviewer is the worst ever, what an amateur! He should had tested everything in advance, he so disctracted during the whole interview, the interviewr should had presented Jason Fung at the start of the intervie, also to show that he has done his homework. And the interviewer interupts several times to check that everything is working. All cred to Dr Jason Fung to keeping it all together through the whole interview.

  13. That dude was very rude. Look at the person speaking to you, not the stupid people on the internet. Be present. That was super awkward.

  14. He's amazing…..too honest and down to earth to be a conventional doctor! Love him because he helps So many people!

  15. How come no one ever talks about how much water to drink during fasting?
    Do we drink more than normal, or the still drink the usual recommended amount.?
    Thanks for any answers!

  16. There was a neighbor who did calorie restriction by eating almost nothing and he used to get his calories from drinking too much. And he became very thin.

  17. The most immediate benefit to intermittent fasting is reduced inflammation. Arthritis pain, inflammation such as colitis (watch George st Pierre on joe Rogan GSP does not have to lose weight), less requirement for sleep, flabby skin gets reabsorbed. In addition to all the benefits the dr. Fung spoke about.

  18. Just bought both books on Amazon lol — Im totally sold – on day 2 of my second 10-day fast running on 100+ octane —

  19. People like you need to have tv shows or appear as guests on talk shows. I have a dad who won't believe anything I tell him until someone on tv confirms it. I'm sure there are lots of people like him.

  20. Thank you Dr. Fung for your compassion for your patients and for helping us to be healthy and getting us out of our medications with simple fasting and a healthy life stile.

  21. How do we get a dr. in Manila, Philippine’s who can help us do what Dr. Jason teaches?

  22. Thank you so much. I am so close to being a diabetic and I need to take care of myself better. Thank you so much for your guidance. I will continue watching.

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