Do the “Muscle Man Dance” on “Firefly Fun House”: Raw, June 3, 2019



  1. And really bray we all know you were working.
    But we didnt you will put it on wwe and now vince is PISSED

  2. Now Bray single handedly pulled back viewers to wwe and has reworked his character to the point of being over on just promos alone let's see how long it takes Vince to bury him?

  3. i had a dream i was watching this except it was samoa joe doing it. couldnt stop laughing when i woke up.

  4. So much to unpack from this promo…

    Husky Harris reference in Huskies the pig

    Vince wanting to fire Bray when he was Husky – also relates to how Vince has always wanted "muscle man" or bodybuilder look wrestlers over guys who can actually wrestle

    Exercise = Exorcise

    The Hulk Hogan flexing style at the end

    Bray Wyatt oozes charisma. I wish the WWE just figured out how to book him. His character/acting/gimmick is unreal.

  5. Firefly Fun House, R-Truth & The 24/7 Title, Brock Lesnar Boombox.

    This is what’s keeping WWE in business

  6. This is the BEST stuff that WWE has put out for a really long time. I might get cable to watch this ……. but still I won't because it is like 129.99 a month and I don't have that kind of money. Still good on WWE for actually repackaging this character.

  7. There are only 2 ways this can go… It will either blow everyone away, or it will suck so bad it will turn itself inside out! – Honestly, I think it's the latter, cause you just cannot do horror on a PG-13 Show. Shame… What a waste! If only this happened in the Attitude era…

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