Day 3 – Forget What You Know – 30 Days of Yoga



  1. Thank you for inspiring me. Thank you for helping me heal myself. Thank you for helping me share with my friends.

  2. Each time she says i am Adrien sounds like adrenaline. Lols,, but i want to say i m a medical student i m mostly engaged with books in sitting position which really sometimes is stressful but today is the day 3 after so much procrastination i still did it yesss i m so proud of myself

  3. "holding baby Simba over the rock" I don't think I've ever laughed so much during a yoga pose 😂

  4. This journey is kicking my tail! I couldn't straighten one leg out in the boat pose. It will take time but I'm getting stronger

  5. Day 3 flew by. Always feel so refreshed afterwards and more aware of how high up I hold my shoulders throughout the day.

  6. I really struggled with this one. Trying to do some of the poses is impossible when i can't even sit on a right angle as my legs are so unflexible 🙁

  7. Balancing on right foot: Ok, this is going better than expected
    Balancing on left foot: Whoooooa nearly falls over

    I think my body is making fun of me 😛

  8. I find myself looking at the screen all the time because i am an absolute beginner to yoga and not an english native speaker, so i still definitely don't know the terms, so i will try to look at the videos beforehand because i am really liking this and the feeling of actually doing something for myself. I really love how soothing your voice is and the energy you exude <3

  9. me: relaxing at the end of the video
    YouTube already playing the next one: you thought

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