Cory's 130 pound weight loss | Before And After | Weight Watchers Freestyle | June 2018



  1. This is a great video. He accurately describes all the daily miseries of overweight people. Very motivating. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. I'm late to this video but felt the need to comment on what a great job you did in losing the weight and your video was very interesting and touching. You and Carrie are such a great couple and I am so glad to see you both have made strides in your health to be there for each other and your family. My why's almost mimic
     yours exactly. Thanks so much for sharing!

  3. Hey Cory, I'm going to do weight watchers starting Monday. I hope this works, I'm 5foot5 male 190 pounds. Way to much weight for me. I'm 32 years old I need to get healthy again. I'm not going to the meetings thought I am going to do the app and unlimited phone calls.

  4. That was incredible!!! You have a great speaking voice, you didn't ramble, or lose your train of thought. I especially like that you didn't have pets or kids running through the video. (That is very distracting, and not what viewers are watching the channel for). Much success to you!!!!

  5. Please do another one Cory, I've watched this 3 times already. Love it! You have certainly gave me some great ideas.

  6. This was so wonderful! Thank you. I am just getting started. I can relate to your list of things you dealt with when you were heavy. Thank you so much for helping me begin to get my "why" organized in my head. I just joined WW today. Best to you!

  7. This is the first time that I have watched this since I am a new subscriber. I am a lifetime maintainer. But this was so inspiring still even on LT. There was so much common sense and love your Whys. It helped me reassess my whys too. Since this video I see you are down 143lbs. Way to go! So glad Carrie got you to do this video.

  8. Wow you are giving me hope. I just started a new job where I’m on my feet they hurt so bad at the end of my shift. It’s gotten me on track. At 311 and 5’6 I can relate to everything in your video and I have broken a chair not fun. Thank you for your story helped me more then you will ever know.

  9. Thank you for your kind response. Nine miles? Whoa, I we will have to work up to that amount of miles.wishing you and Carrie the best on your journey.

  10. Cory, Just returned from a two week trip to Alaska with my husband. I want to thank you for your valuable blog. My husband and I reached Lifetime, as well as celebrated our one year anniversary on Weight Watchers. We’ve had a combined loss of 95 pounds. We hiked the rainforest in Alaska with ease. I have admired Carrie’s journey as well as yours. Thanks for taking the time in speaking your heart to so many of your followers. Bravo to both of you. Keep on keepin’ on.

  11. I really enjoyed your weight loss journey story, thank you Cory for sharing it with us. Very inspiring.

  12. One more thing…about spices- If you guys have Goya products in your market, try their seasoning called Adobo on a grilled chicken breast. Add lime while it’s cooking. Goya Adobo has saved me from boring chicken breast many times.

  13. Thanks for keeping it real. You and Carrie really walk the walk.

  14. Great video!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!! Makes me think of my husband, he just started using the Itrackbits app. I'm hoping this works for him😊

  15. Thank you for doing this video. You and Carrie are such an inspiration to us and I thank you for sharing so much with us. Congratulations to you both. You are amazing🎉🎊👏👏

  16. Cory, this is the best motivational video on why its so important to lose the weight. We forget about the struggles of trying to "fit into something" or the fear of what if we sit on a chair- could it potentially break! Thank you for sharing your "why" list with us. I'm sure that everyone who is in for the long haul will agree that we have at least some of the same reasons on our list.

  17. You are amazing Corey…and so inspiring…congratulations on all your success….you and Carrie are amazing…and I agree 100% getting healthy is key….life is much better and happier….Thank you for doing this video…and wow what success you have had….of coarse a great wife to cook so good…lol

  18. Today was hard , i have anemia and thyroid problems and sometimes i feel so tired with out any reason. So i put my headphones on and said to my self i am sure i am not by my self and one of this videos will push me , and look what i found Cory and his amazing journey , 5 miles walk listening to ur why’s which are many that we all have , you made it clear that is not about a number is about us our feelings life and family . Thank u Cory and congratulations and for making me aware sometimes you just got to do what it takes .

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