Core Power Bodyweight Cardio Workout (20 Minutes)



  1. Good morning Jake! I just did this workout at 6:35am!
    Loved the 60:10 format and all the core and ab moves!
    I think my favs were
    a. v crunch
    b. time bomb
    c. hollow body tilt

    The 'rollback + get up + pushup' was brutal! LOVE IT SO MUCH!
    –> I couldn't keep up with your pace! Loved the challenge so much!

    Thank you so much for this amazing core workout!
    Have a great day! 🙂

  2. Great and awesome core workout. Loved it and I always have to do your core workouts. They are great and brutal. Did it this saturday morning

  3. I sometimes think it's only fair if you missed a move that YOU be the one to do it and us watch LOL!!! Of course, I would do the move but it would be nice to have that option LOL

  4. I swear you have THE BEST core workouts! I am not sure if laughing while attempting these moves is a good thing or not, but I always need a good laugh 🙂 Missed the live but couldn't miss out on a good core workout…thank you as always!! <3

  5. Happy Friday! Great core – my weakness would have to be cross knee in the downward dog position. One side is definitely more willing to cooperate than the other as far as getting my knee to the outside of my knee. Just another goal to reach that I'll be working on! Great workout!

  6. That was an 'ab'solutely amazing ab beat down! About midway through I wasn't sure if I was sweating or crying ???? I genuinely felt this ab workout in my deep abdominal muscles! ?? Thank you, Jake!

  7. Great quick core. My lower back was outtah wack- sitting at comp. I feel like a grew an inch. Got my heart rate up too, mini cardio wake up blast. PS: That last stretch- leg at an angle arm out – was amazing. Side lower back – that was def. felt and opened up a lot of circulation. 🙂 Have a great weekend Jake! Thank YOU!!

  8. I liked the added challenge of this new tempo for core. It brought some of these moves to another level. You got a good laugh out of my little 4-year-old girl when you told us to "always cry while engaging your core." I think she took it to heart and might try that next time she cries. Lol.

  9. “Silent bombs”. Hee Hee. ? Laughing is a good core move too. Great workout today. Core and a good sweat!

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