CIZE – The End of Exercize



  1. My all-time favorite cardio program. As a former dancer, I love the fact that this workout is structured like a dance class. I know it's cliche' to say "Oh, I have so much fun, I forget I'm working out, hee-hee!". But that shit is 100% true with this one.

  2. I sure wish I could meet Shaun T. That would be awesome. He could teach me some new dance moves. I love to dance anyway and I think I'm pretty good at it. 😊😊😊

  3. Shaun t. really helped me lose weight and change my life for good , I lost 30 pounds and i am happier then ever.

  4. Dang. Im too uncoordinated for this. 🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️🤦🏿‍♀️

  5. As a former dancer, and total Beachbody junkie, I have to say that CIZE is my favorite of all of the programs… I love dancing my ass off, and getting a great workout too

  6. What happens when you come to the end of the cize program? (Day 30, what happens the next day?)

  7. Why can't anyone do anything that is not this hip hop stuff? When I was in my twenties, modeling, in good shape (no jiggles), I could not do this jerky, jarring stuff (which is okay if it's just a part of a dance). I don't think it's good for the body. I think it's wearing on the joints. I had heard about how great this is and came here to check it out and was hoping it wasn't this frenetic stuff…………Knee and hip surgeries to come for you all in the future!!!

  8. What a douch. He was born with that body u stupid fools. U will never get that way. Give up n find someone who loves u for u.

  9. My story starts at 23:12 …Wow…looking back i can honesty say Cize was my best experiance being in my first test group and having the support i needed from shaunT and Mama Tania and the group was the key to my success and eating healthy result to 62lbs and 72inches lost in 3 months …I love dancing and losing weight with cize(DANCING) was the perfect combination in my life…My name is Marcey B and i approve this message😉

  10. Oh My God, Rachel looks like a totally completely different person. Wow. I am impressed. I am getting this.

  11. really!? this is nothing new, same similar dance fit workout movements that's been taking place in the fitness world past and present


    Cize is a VERY GOOD workout program and I give four and half out of five stars. I bought the Cize Deluxe set at directly

    However, people need be aware of ONE THING; there are NO MODIFIED MOVES in the Cize Workouts. I purchases all of Shaun T's past workout DVD's from Beachbody: Hip Hop Abs, Hip Hop Abs Dance Party Series, Rockin Body, T-25. All of them came with a person (mainly Tania) doing the modified moves. Although Tania does appears in Cize, you will NOT see her doing any modifed moves.

    I will give Shaun T credit that even though there are NO modified in the Cize workouts, it will take the average person a lot longer to learn the dance routines. If one stick with the Cize workout program like I did, trust me you will lose the weight. I did have post some videos of my comments and the fact weight that I lost over 40 pounds doing Cize. However, because of trolls posting very obscene language it was too much and I took those videos down.

    Disc 1: Crazy's 8 and You Got This and to be honest Turn It On (which is Disc 2 available on the Cize Weight Loss DVD's) are the easiest of the workout. I had wished that Shaun T had put Turn it On instead of Full Out as the first workout on Disc 2. Do not get me wrong, like the Cize Full Out workout but I believe that should have been workout #2 on the Cize Weight Loss DVD instead of Turn in On.

    Overall, I have seen good results with Cize. In addition to losing 40 pounds; I still have a LONG way to go (I'm 5'8 man weighing 260lbs) but I am still working out to Cize. Now, would I recommended Cize to people; in way yes. However, I will people again do not expect any modified moves with the program.

    FYI to the Beachbody trolls, before you post a negative comment; I AM NOT DOWNING CIZE. I like Cize.

  13. Day one I was alright on day 30 I’m a star and my friends are so jealous. I just had to buy another one.

  14. I like most of Shaun T's stuff but this is*not* for people who like to dance. It's real "bring it on"- esque. You really are better off making a just dance playlist here on YouTube and having fun to music you like. You will feel like you wasted your life and workout time if you actually like/can dance and still choose to do this. Example:

  15. Omg thank God no one can see me attempting to "dance" because I'm sure I look horrible! But I love this workout, it's really fun! Also y'all should check out beachbody on demand, they have many more cize workouts. Some of my additional favorites are sync it up and speed it up. And trust me, speed it up will have you on the floor!

  16. Ive done T25 and Insanity but im unable to get cize due to being in Australia. Is there any way around this? I really really want to do this. Any advice would be much appreciated. Thankyou

  17. The program seems fun, but I honestly love the push-ups and power gives sense of power!

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