Cheap Bike Vs. Super Bike | What's The Difference?



  1. Wow it's cool! I also found a new SDREAM eBike on Indiegogo ( fat tires×750W/500W/250W×Foldable×GPS&Smart features supported×pretty shape×pedal-assist as well as throttle control… It's kind of my cup of tea!
    Their video:

    Your opinion?

  2. everyone please buy cheap bike , and donate the extra money to charity. ( so that every orphan can have a bike)

  3. Buy old bike and upgrade the parts and wow? It's suddenly feels and rides like a high end model

  4. For all those saying 100 times for price for only a 15% gain – yes of course because the limiting factor is the person. The body has an upper limit and no cost will help.

    Bottom line is it’s a hobby/passion for people and if you can afford a bike worth as much as a decent used car then knock yourself out. Enjoy your money and your hobby and know your bike is awesome in many ways and let it put a smile on your face, why not.

    If you can’t afford that sort of bike (or refuse to part with that sort of money) then you know the difference at hobby or amateur level isn’t that different so it’s all good for you too.

  5. I bought a Road bike on a surplus store the bike came from japan and its original its not that heavy and its on sti its great

  6. I agree with 'A Tiny Business'. Most people won't need high end bicycles, but just and average one. It is a waste of money for amateurs, begginers or even many dedicated cyclists. In fact, just watch how this farmer riding a basic heavy street bicycle (carrying a potatoes sack) beats a couple of professional cyclists on a very steep climb —smiling, without even flinching. – >

  7. so if that's a 90£ bike from eBay I bet you could get a really good one for 300£ right?

  8. I wish i had a cheap bike im from honduras and here we just cant get them if anybody wants to donate me a cheap bike let me know god bless you all

  9. like your reviews but you gotta take a lot of factors into consideration. . yeah the hydraulic braking system is a huge improvement over the years. i've been cycling for 30+ years and can tell you disc brakes are brill.but cheers guys was fun.

  10. Is the Raleigh a steel or aluminum bike? Plus, both bikes are pretty decent in my opinion. Rather train hard than spend $4000 and hang up the bike as museum piece in your room.

  11. A disc brake on a push iron is over the top ,A wheel rim has a bigger circumference & a well set up centre pull brake calliper is all you need .The number of actual gears you have are limited by the angle of the cross over of the chain between front crank set & rear derailleur cogs .I found out years ago that you were better off buying a motor bike if you wanted to get a move on & save your energy for better things ,

  12. And here i am with my Steel Frame City bike sometimes doing the same thing. Well i would say that if it werent for my Steel frame Bad-Balance City Bike with Un-Flattenable Tires wich Flatten every 2 Rides because Berlin Quality. Then again i also have to get lost of some weight. Atleast 30kg so i get back to 90kg … oh just great.

  13. Bajingan mbok kiro koe luwih apik bangono aku su, sah cangkeman, sah kakehan polah, awak gede utek cilik, obesitas we

  14. 12:04 Goatchurch Cavern Parking in Mendip Hills. Lovely place and drive. 😉 I spent one week in the UK and stopped here on my way to Bristol Airport on an icy morning. I enjoyed the place, it's magical. Was so excited when I recognized it on your video. 😉 Thanks!

  15. My [cheapish] chinese carbon aero bike, came with 40mm alu rims. Bike weighed 10kg. I've swapped the wheels for lighter 28mm alu rims, the cheap michelin tyres for conti gp 4 seasons, and the no-name brakes for ultegra 6700 series with swiss stop pads… and got the bike to 8ish kg. But at speed, it doesnt feel as fast as it did with the 800g heavier stock wheelset. So. I do have to haul my bike up stairs and climb hills… And the 1.8ish kg i've docked is significant. But. I started out with a 2012 specialized dolce i'd gotten used for 400 CAD, that weighed 9.2 kg, and i bet i'd be as happy having spent my cash on some 50mm carbon wheels and a groupset upgrade…

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