Charlotte Flair trains for Trish Stratus at SummerSlam



  1. Черт! Я ведь уверен,что мужская часть тех,кто смотрел это видео просто раздевают Шарлотт глазами(в том числе и я)

  2. Oh my god…look at her muscles…these are bigger than 50% of males…i just want to be lifted by charlotte and be in her hands lifted up for my entire life…her muscles are just huge…i just can touch his muscles for an entire day

  3. Stopped watching at 'my boyfriend'

    To think this lonely internet loser was interested as well…

  4. I love how everyone thinks that trish vs lita was the first women to main even raw it wasn’t. It was lita and steph for the women’s title in the attitude era if you want to argue before you do that go on Candice Michelle Instagram and find the video of her saying the same thing I am

  5. Three things:
    1. Here, I wish Charlotte was in complete "character mode" psyching herself up and selling the viewer that she's def going to get the "W"
    2. Charlotte & Mandy have the BEST ARMS in the women's division


    💡💡 WWE creative should consider a homage to the days of Jessie "the Body", Billy Graham & Hogan, a Charlotte and Mandy storyline over whom is more disciplined in the gym… Leading up to an Arm Wrestling event (Red mat and all). And if course, it would go awry leading into a greater match at a PPV.

    First one's free folks

  6. Can i be the ref in this match??? I like both Trish and Charlotte. Maybe i should passed on being the ref. Let somebody else make Trish or Charlotte mad or both of them mad.
    I wished i was young enough so we could make it a triple threat match. Charlotte, Trish,and myself but I am way too old now. If i were 25 years younger,I would. Would I of won against Charlotte or Trish??? More than likely,no!!!

  7. Feel the burn my Queen!! You shall be the 10 time WWE women's champion soon! Trish tis a minor bump on your path to reclaim your championship!

  8. She doing shoulder workout and not lower body workout as she have a match coming up soon, lower body workouts like squats & deadlifts take a longer time to recover, maybe she can go to vince and be like "sorry boss I can't work bumps as I did leg day" but it's highly not possible

  9. I'm so accustomed to her tv persona that it's always jolting to see what a sweet, lovely person she is irl

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