Chandramukhi Telugu Full Movie | Rajinikanth, Jyothika, Nayanthara | Sri Balaji Video



  1. సూర్య ప్రోపీర్టీ ఆక్షన్ సూపర్

  2. Jyothika's character was supposed be played by Late Soundarya. She did the same role in kannada movie Aapta mitra which was an original that the director remade it to make chandramukhi. Aptamitra was remade from 1993 malayalam movie

  3. చిన్నప్పుడు ఈ సినిమా చుస్తే చాలా భయపడవాల్లం

  4. This is my all time favourite horror comedy movie.This is a very special movie for me. I was just 2months old when this movie got released.Later My Mavayya got DVD of this film.I along with my cousin Aishu watched this film so many times.I watched it like Ramayakrishna watching Rajini's marriage C.D in Narasimha movie.Even today I watch this movie wherever I get bored for entertainment.I love you Thalaiva…😍❤❤

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