Can Austin and Julian keep up with Emma Coburn’s steeplechase workout? | Hitting the Wall



  1. I was impressed by all 3, especially in the gym. Those exercises are no joke! The running/hurdling however… not great. 2 mins for the lap?

  2. I love this serie, and discovering the amazing persons you show us! Thank you Olympic! 🙂

    It has motivated me to start sport again. Feeling much better!

  3. 1.being fit does not prepare you pretty much at all for distance/endurance running.
    2.she is an Olympic athlete. There is no way someone random can compete or even keep up with her in her sport

  4. I think they all can keep up because they r hard workers that never give up. Keep the hard wprk everyone💫💫💙💙💙💚💛💜💜💜

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