Can a Buff Dude Survive a Booty Workout? | Men vs Women Workouts



  1. a buff dude? maybe get a buff dude then u can find that out becuase that dude far from buff lmaooooooooo..average gym goer body at best

  2. cheating though those toes weren't up like hers so you Incorporated other muscles for that exercise :):)

  3. as long women invest more time in boob job s and tight little gym outfits and perfect hair during a damm workout vids You'll never have any respect as tlifters. Go model for VS or Lululemon

  4. personally, I think this is the worst video by buff dudes I didn't learn anything after watching it 61 times

  5. Everybody your glutes are the biggest and most important muscle in your entire body.everybody should strive to train glutes correctly as in not doing squats instead do hip thrusts.

  6. Butt building doesn't work.
    It does give you really toned and a fair amount of endurance, but not a thicc ass that's fashionable.

  7. Brandon, you played the commentary so well. Props to you for the quick wit and not awkward responses.

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