Calves and Legs Workout – 10 MINUTE SLIM | Rebecca Louise



  1. So this is for slimming. What about for people who just want to tone their bodies

  2. I have no fat on my calves they are just muscular will these exercises slim them down or bulk them up because I avoid calve pulses calve raises.

  3. so I have bulky quads and very bulky calves from vb, so these exercises will help me slim down and get leaner quads and calves? I feel the burn but that won't build more muscle right? I don't want to gain more but realign so my calves muscles will be straight thank u! also is this the same as the one from 2016?

  4. Hello Rebeca, I would like to know, whether I can lose fat from thighs and calves doing these excercises? Thank you, I also think you should do a video telling us the biggest mistakes during exercising, like bad back positioning, whether we should draw in tummy, or when.. and so on. Thaanks, love you <3

  5. Hello Rebecca, what do you do to get such a small nice butt? (Even while doing squats!!) I've been researching everything but the only exercises now a days is to get them bigger. But I don't want bigger!!! Personally i don't like big butts, please do a video on that or at least tell me the name of the exercises. And actually I've been doing some exercises and they claimed that they were to slim your butt but instead my butt got bigger and rounder!!!! Please I need help it's summer soon and i really want a small butt. Thanks

  6. This is my favorite leg workout! I used to have difficulty with my balance and calf cramps, now I feel like I could live on the balls of my feet!

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