Calisthenics VS Powerlifting – Strength Wars 2019 Abnormal Edition



  1. Hey.. Big guy… I've been wanting to ask this question for a while….basically I've bin trying to cut down belly fat for a while now.. Maybe my diet is messing things up cos I'm from 9ja.. I can't easily access the diet u guys advice me to take… This is my weekly chops… For breakfast I take bread & tea or bean cake and bread or rice and beans (don't laf). Then for lunch I take bananas,orange,watermelon,groundnut or corn and coconut, or soda(fanta coke) and meat pie, egg roll, sausage roll.. Then for dinner I take beans and yam or fufu and egusi soup or jollof rice .. ( I take breakfast at 9-10am ish, then lunch at 2-4pm ish, then dinner at 7:308:30 ish… Lol.. Please what am I doing wrong..

  2. Ha figured I knew you from somewhere.. from the burn class! Subscribed, excited to check out the rest of your videos

  3. lmao put a body builder there he will destroy you powerlifters dont train for this body builders do also its not a strength war its an endurance war top kek

  4. Great challenge you both wen your of your comfort zones and put in that WORK!

  5. Tayo and Ghazi channelling Their inner Saiyan still couldn't win but should of because the Power lifters were half repping the Chin ups .

  6. the real winner is who can put on a goku shirt and perform handstand push ups (calisthenics)
    But thats my opinion

  7. chinups💪, Pushups, Also including Killer Leg workout squats , Deadlift 🏋️& Lunges🏃 I can feel the AGGonyyyyyyyyyyyy 😭😭
    No wonder they gassed out 🤢 completely

  8. Vladi here (Powerlifter in the olive NIKE shirt) . Really enjoyed doing this challenge, but fuck was it hard. We train to increase our 1 rep max and overall strength and having to do so many reps, naturally form will break down, but I do agree, chin ups weren't the best, but hey come on my weight and show me, hahah.

    Love all these comments, give me more

  9. Pullups were not proper from the powerlifters but they weigh a lot more, fair play. Their deads were cleaner.

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