Butt Workout for Women At Home – Glutes Exercises



  1. I am seriously disturbed about amount of bodyshaming (in particular skinny shaming) comments. Don't people have any kind of basic decency?! Is this jealousy or lack of politeness, how can somebody not understand that all bodies are built differently? This is shame for all those haters.

  2. I wish Phong would just do the exercises himself. Not a fan of this fitness model. Also was really put off with the you have to look good to workout comment. Then the comment about how beautiful clothes, high quality clothes will make your mood better. We are here to workout, "not look good" in our "beautiful high quality clothes" ….

  3. This is an absolute beginner one… altough I used medium weight dumbbells I didn't feel it almost at all in my legs and glutes, it just felt like a cardio workout

  4. Buenos ejercicios, pero en las estocadas y las sentadillas hay que cuidar el ángulo de flexión, no deben superar los 90° .

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