1. Can you please do a full day of eating next? Love the workout ideas❤️ but meals can be the most challenging part 😭

  2. you are better than all gym youtuber girls…we are waiting for new haul videos..please jeans, more gymwear and more swimwear…and thanks for 4k video quality it s very clear

  3. Let’s get it gals we got this!! Don’t give up you have come this far, your so close to that bikini 👙 bod! ❤️ love from another fitness youtuber!

  4. Got my next leg day planned, thanks for the workout!! 🍑😝 Could I kindly suggest writing the workout in the description next time it helps for us who like to screenshot n take to the gym 💪 thanks girl 💕 😘

  5. Aww Missy sauntering slowly toward the door in the background as you close up the vid is sooo adorable. You should do a fun workout with your sausage vid! 😄💕Love the workout!

  6. You're amazing and i love you!!!! On another note…. Who was the douche bag that put a thumbs down on this video???!!

  7. You have a such a insane physique but I feel as though you need to incorporate more calf excerices as you quads are more dominant…just saying 😊

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