Brian Shaw Dominates the Kettlebell Toss | 2018 World's Strongest Man



  1. Would it be against the rules to grab the first two right away and set the second one by your feet so you don't have to run back for it? That would be a more efficient way of doing it

  2. Talk about wasting energy the first asshole lifts it unnecessarily before he throws…

  3. shouldnt they wear thick HELMETS on their heads? imagine if that came down and landed on your head?? there is a reason construction workers wear hard hats.

  4. I would love to see Brian Shaw team up with Dude Perfect to make the world's farthest basketball shot

  5. Brian already won it by speed alone up to the 7th kettle bell, 8th was just some showmanship haha

  6. johan els really could have been a potential winner if he started earlier. started strongman at 36 and came 7th in the wsm finals at 38. insane.

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