Braun Strowman confronts Paul Heyman, the Red-Nosed Advocate: Raw, Dec. 24, 2018



  1. I click the video and hear Paul heyman signing that’s the best thing since strowman trying to play a instrument earlier this year

  2. Brock Lesnar is really just in the way. Think about it, Brock is supposed to be going back to UFC…. what's the point of him coming back?? Braun Strowman is ready for a real fight. NOT a fight from a Part-time Wwe wrestler. Lesnar might as well me released. He's still a face. Braun Strowman really is a pleasure to watch. I'm pretty sure 70% of people would rather watch Braun than Brock b/c Lesnar is getting old and in all of his fights he only tries to make someone tap out not pin them or anything. This is just my opinion on this. Don't take my word for it.

  3. Fam am sure that pual heymen is santas riendeer so now santa dose not say hohoho now he says eat your cookies and sleep when i give you your present

  4. Wwe always making strowman look like a machine and then against brock he looks like a rag doll smh. This title should’ve been given to him a year ago ??‍♂️

  5. Braun has to be one of the worst "Big Guys" in WWE history. Even guys like A-Train, Luther Reigns and Tomko are gold standard compared to this overgrown dork.

  6. Vince better listen us because we don't want Brock as universal champion any more and never returns to wwe

  7. Who else felt the holiday sprit cause I surely did thank you Paul for making my Christmas eve better after me and my girlfriend had a fight Paul song help me ?????

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