Boot Camp with Cardio, Core, Muscular Strength and Endurance



  1. I love so this video so much as I do so many of yours Jenny Ford! Thank you for your motavation! This 54 year old needed to get out of a slump and you helped me tremendously!

  2. I love all your workouts and expecially the variety of moves and modifications. However, this workout seems most appropriate for younger, more athletic people, as witnessed by the fact that you don't complete most of the exercises yourself.

  3. This was tough, did it yesterday. Not a fan of boot camp workouts because they are a bit intense for me but I was able to push through this one with some modifications though.

  4. Great workout! I loved that you had ANW women join you, those ladies are awesome! I'll try your old lady workouts #1 and 2 next. Thank you for bringing such variety!

  5. How come I didn't get a notification for this video? I'm seeing it after 6 days as I was scrolling through the entire list of uploads. Looks like a tough one, can't wait to do it.

  6. I loved it! Great work out. I put my ankle weights on and used some hand weights for some portions of it and got an intense workout! Keep up the great workouts!

  7. Ok! This was EVERYTHING! I just finished this. I workout on my lunch break (I work from home)! I’m pooped but I feel amazing!

  8. I like this workout a lot, because it's inspiration against winter-phlegm when it's grey and rainy outside. 😊 If you're in a bad mood, my advice is: Do this exercise and you will be happy again and full of energy. πŸ’ŸπŸ’ŸπŸ’ͺThank you, Jenny! I'm a great fan of all your exercises!

  9. Wowzers! All right… gotta try this one.. I know those inch worms and burpees will be challenging for me but wow! This work out looks intense but still somewhat doable! πŸ’ͺ

  10. Man, that was hard! I was just doing your Step in Zion routine when a pop up announced new content on your You Tube channel. So, I thought. I'll go do this as a final burner to my days' workout. It was a burner, alright! I find that when doing flutter kicks, adding some weight is a big help, so I clutched an 8kg kettlebell and it really helps to keep your abs engaged. Really enjoyed it! Tomorrow, I'm going to try it as one of my first exercises so I'm a little less…ummm…knackered! Thank you for posting Jenny! Great pre-Xmas pressie! x

  11. Thank you so much Jenny for this and all of your other workouts that are so fantastic. You are the best!

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