body transformation DAY BY DAY weight loss journey october, 2019 update 32 KETO PIZZA



  1. No your face is great! And your face and personality keep me coming back! I think you are doing a good thing and are wonderful! God bless you! Keep going! I might try that pizza!

  2. Hey Nick, great work. I remember the other day you were wondering about stevia. I found this info if your interested, I feel it's a fair appraisal of stevia. Keep up the wonderful work, looking great 🙂

  3. nice pizza! I have an observation based on experience cooking hundreds of pizzas in a greek restaurant 🙂 if you wait until your pizza is mostly cooked, THEN put the tomato chunks on with just enough time left to warm them up. Otherwise the tomato chunks spit water and can soak into the rest of your ingredients making stuff soggy. So tomato chunks last works best.
     First, a little of the sauce on the crust, then a light sprinkle of cheese (just like 10 strands, barely any). then the meat on top of that, then the rest of the cheese, then mushrooms or whatever else, tomatoes last but only after it has gone back in and almost all the way cooked.

  4. No ugly face lol you're a handsome guy with a great personality!
    Good, you're going to refine that pizza with parchment paper, 'practice makes perfect'.

  5. Pizza, yummy one of my favorite foods
    In the great outdoors, wonderful!
    Ah cauliflower crust…got to buy some

    Thank you for sharing that recipe😋
    Going to try in non stick muffin trays
    Good you're getting more energy with the Keto menu

    So close, I lost lots in the past on 40 carbs a day and heavy weight lifting
    I wasn't eating enough fat though…six small high protein meals
    1400 calories a day, so nice not to have to count calories
    Have a wonderful day Nick! 👍👑
    Your cooking show :-)💕

  6. Im sick😣😣😣 but getting better!!! Sounds like your getting more food in you🤗🤗 You should go live!!!! I hear Justice❤❤❤❤ Ihope you enjoy your meal❤❤ sorry I left the one patreon thing you never responded to messages. I am a pasta lover❤❤❤❤❤ remember when you excersise you need more food. Mush yuckkkj😂😂 just flip it it will come off. I have a pizza stone. Works good. Have a great night❤❤❤

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