Blast Fat in 10 min! Full Body Standing TABATA Workout for Summer ~ Emi



  1. Hi 您好~

  2. I lost 14lbs within 4 months just by reducing calories and doing your workouts almost everyday. They are so good and also easy to incorporate even when you have a busy schedule. Thanks so much. #changewithemi

  3. Hii Emi , Can I do this only for 10 mins or do I have to add 20 more minutes of other exercises to have a complete workout for the day ?

  4. I loved this workout and I like the format where you showed us how to do the upcoming exercise during rest!

  5. Hi Emi, I watched this thinking this is rubbish, gave it a go and I am SWEATING and my heart is pumping. I LOVE it. I couldn’t be bothered going for a run today so this is great! Thanks!

  6. I've done this exercise a few minutes ago, and I must say it's great. Thank you.

  7. felt like exercising today and right on time you uploaded another workout! going to try it right now 🔥💪🏼

  8. So, this channel and its various exercises + dieting = me losing 6 pounds in 9 days. 9… DAYS. And I exercised every OTHER day for 10-20 minutes at the start (it was all full-body HIIT stuff). Now I follow the 1-month exercise calendar. It's Day 17 now.

    I think it's safe to say I'm gonna keep doing what I'm doing and keep watching your stuff lol. Bless you, Emi. You're truly an inspiration, and I look forward to continuing this training all throughout summer and beyond. Lots of love from America. 😊

  9. omg Emi you are such and inspiration, i do your workout ALOT and im proud of myself doing this, i just want to say thank you so much❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  10. Hey, I would really like to tone up my thighs and to lose inner thigh fat.. when i have been excersing on my inner thighs regularly ( other workouts, like 15 min by Emi) , my inner thighs became bulkier and stronger.. And I dont want that.. i really dont know what to do.. if it is normal, or not. Please help me

  11. Hi emi…I followed ur workout that helped me a lot …bt can u upload some videos related to how get rid of facial fat ..nd get silmer face

  12. I love your all workouts…. Now i did this workout…i feel so good…i will do this workout everyday evening… And I'm also doing 20 minutes workout night…thanks a lot

  13. You are my motivation and omg!i can already see the changes in my body you are the prettiest youruber on this planet☺LOVE YOU😚😚😚

  14. Love your videos soooooooo much! It would be better if u could give an approximate count on how many calories we can burn in one video

  15. Your previous one was 30 mins and I did that for 3 days and felt tired the 3 days too. So i Iooked for 10mins standing exercises in your channel to start small first. There were no 10mins standing exercises video. So I gave up searching even in other channels coz only your exercises were perfect for me. I loved each and every workouts in your 30mins video but got tired the whole day to do my studies after that. But I didn't know your 10mins standing exercises video is coming.!! And surprisingly it came out today. What a coincidence…. Thank you so much Emi. NOW THIS IS THE PERFECT one for me. As usual I love these workouts too.❤❤

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