Bikinifitness 160cm FINAL 2018 IFBB World Fitness Championships Bialystok



  1. I love the female form but I have to be honest I dont like these looks. They are WAY to skinny. Looks like tan skin & bones, and bleach. And wth is with the weird arm and hand movements. They look like fucking E.T. on shrooms.

  2. 299, I would be finished before I even got my paints off. 297 prob is better condition, but not as sexy to me.

  3. 🤢🤢🤮🤮🤮
    They need more tanning lol. When u go past the slim n beautiful look to the "am a FREAK" look "silverchair" 👽🤣🤣🤣

  4. they look like extras in the thunderbirds with all that arm waving. bang in the fake accessories.. its a no from me.. respect the dedication though

  5. I REALLY have high respect for these women. I am 57 years old and I train and look better than most in their 30s. But I don't find this sexually attractive. Again, these women are an inspiration in many ways. I just don't find this attractive. I like some meat on the bones.

  6. Why are they all standing as tho the have just put their suntan cream on and don’t want to touch anything

  7. скучная хуйня для дрочеров… девочки вы бы хоть станцевали чтоли, на тех же танцовщиц приятнее смотреть… а тут намазанная кремом голая девочка которая накачиват в зале ягодицы, тьфу… вам на сенокос, коров доить, хлеб деревенский печь, мужьям быть опорами и детишек воспитывать, а не жопами вертеть тупоголовые швали

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