Big Show reveals who motivated him to lose weight in Rebuilding Big Show extra



  1. Show also had the surgery to fix the gland that secreted the growth hormone that made guys like him and Andre so big.  Andre wouldn't have the surgery, so he never really did stop growing and his bone structure couldn't support his size.  That being said, Big Show did a fantastic job getting motivated to get in shape.

  2. Didnt really get how john cena motivated u by saying who would want to see a giant with abs?

  3. Much respect to Big Show. It's hard to get in that kind of shape once you get passed a certain age, but to be his size and do it is incredible! Wish he did more in entertainment, he is so funny!

  4. Big show wasnt on the raw reunion for a reason, just like undertaker because they still wrestle in the wwe there not retired like hulk hogan and rick flair and stone cold were. If big show was out and retired a few years prior to the reunion he definitely would have been there. The one missing was the rock but hes also apart of the raw roster with big show and undertaker so that is why he also was not there people. So dang enough already with the lame comments about big show lol 😂

  5. Cena wasn’t only a motivation to the fans around the world he’s also a motivation to his business partners .
    U gotta respect cena .

  6. The big show transformation is so inspirational anyone can be motivated to change in their bodies I lost 80 pounds went from 380- 300 lbs by eating healthy and making smart decisions what you put in your body 😉
    380 lb to

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