Biceps Workout From Home! | LIMITED EQUIPMENT (MUSCLE BUILD – 15 MIN)



  1. Overloading is always going to be one of the best ways to build muscle, but it is not our only option. We can also focus on more volume and less rest to really beat up the biceps and force muscle growth. Workouts like these are great for when training from home, traveling or if you are short on time at the gym.

    Really give it your all and lift as heavy as you can on every set guys! You got this! #BreakingTheNattyLimit

    – 3 exercises
    – Rest 30 seconds between sets
    – Rest 60 seconds between exercises

    (2:14)- Mercy 30s (3 sets: 10 / 10 / 10 reps)
    (8:09)- Hammer Curl – INSIDE (3 sets: 8 reps per side)
    (12:20)- DB Curl w/ Supination (3 sets: 8 reps per side)

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  2. I did the Mercy 30’s today and the pump I got from them was absolutely AMAZING! You were my inspiration for going to the gym, you have no idea how you transformed my life thanks bro, seriously, I can’t thank you enough

  3. Looking for a good program to help add some lean muscle mass (with nutrition of course). I lost all the weight I need to. Now want to add some mass. Which of your programs would be best for this goal for a novice lifter?

  4. This my 28th day doing your cardio workout on YouTube. I am almost there to 30 day and then i am going to start all over to 30 day. Lets do this workout. Kaley

  5. aside of workouts you mention scott i really appreciate you not because the perfect guy …just you understand the happiness of life and prosperity and want to live the scenes you want compared to trolls just want to live like sheep follw what system tells exactly to them generally ……i learned from you a lot even 25 % doesnt matter bro you make my day soemtimes 🙂

  6. Definitely one of the top 5 fitness channels

    Improved a lot from the cringy 10sec intro when I saw a vid u uploaded years ago

  7. Some exercise is better than no exercise. Loving these videos; these little routines are great when I'm on the road.

  8. This is mad I used to watch this guy when I was like 21 or so now I’m 28 and his voice has changed completely?! Where’s the New York accent come from?!

  9. I need a new bicep workout – gonna try this next time im at the gym, thanks!

  10. Where did you ever hear the 21’s were originally for shoulders I’ve never heard that? Also 21’s are good. It’s like doing partials after full range sets. Larry Scott reped out partials after full range in the same set and we all know what his biceps looked like : ) Biceps are a small muscle group so why would you do so much for them? Doug Brignole has demonstrated that your muscle don’t know the difference of all this inner outer held positions as well as incline/decline flat bench etc. You’re actually putting a lot of unnecessary tresses on joints/tendons. Other than this I still like you and your enthusiasm so thumbs up!

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