Better Kegels: How to do kegel exercises, and why they work



  1. I had a baby two months ago and feel kinda like when you put on a tampon in wrong, like when it’s not all the way it. I feel like I have something not in the right spot? I told my doctor but she was no help, just disregarded it. Anyone know why it feels this way?

  2. I had a baby 2 weeks ago, is it normal to feel it release after 3/4 seconds? I can lift it up with ease it just feels slightly shakey as I come up to the 3/4 second mark

  3. "Nice kegel, bro. Your penis toned af"
    "Thx bro, spot my next set?"
    "Sure thing, brah. Just hold my glutes up"

  4. Exercises that work – 100k views. "Rub this plant/condiment on your snatch and get tight overnight" – 20 million views. Why do something that works, when you can take an easy option that doesn't but then lie and say it did, rather than admit you got conned?

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