BEST WORKOUT SHOES HAUL | Nike + Adidas + Converse



  1. WOW! Finally someone who reviews one of THE most essential pieces of workout attire! Thanks!

  2. hi Megan hope you are well, great videos. Ive recently started youtube also. Would you mind telling me the company that holds the Nike affiliate program account in the USA as i am struggling to find out and im from the UK.

  3. Hey I just found your channel because I was looking for some new gym shoes and I noticed you're from Cleveland. That's so funny I am too! Haha

  4. Ok I’m a 5’5 female with a 10w shoe size. Isn’t that a lil out of proportion or am I just thinking too much?

  5. when you need some more informative fitness vlogs, i got you cause this was great! keep it up, great content

  6. l like your channel,l like your videos very much but please make new videos 4k or 60fps quality…and summer is comming please more gymwear, jeans and swimwear haul videos

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