Best Soldiers Coming Home Surprise (April 2018) Awesome Life



  1. There was a pretty popular song, late '50s or early '60s that fits here:
    "My dad, now here is a man
    To me he is everything strong and nothing that's wrong
    My dad."

    That applies to the mothers, sisters and brothers as well. God bless and protect them and if the worst comes to pass, welcome them Home with loving arms.

  2. Bring ALL our soldiers home from these illegal wars Bush and Obama started, President Trump

  3. Knowing how carding Ellen makes me believe there are angels in life!!! Thank u Ellen for all the people you have helped may the angels follow you all the days of your life and bring you happiness and good health and keep you heart as Golden that it is.Love you Ellen Degenerss!!Hope I spelled it right but you know who you ate !!!Lol!!

  4. So What about thousands of Iraq Afghanistan,s children who lost their fathers in America's war..???

  5. In schools and towns near military bases, they have a better understanding of the price our military members pay for serving. I was deployed many times, but our base was able to keep most deployments to about six weeks at a time. We rotate our members out frequently.

  6. My son was able to come home for Christmas. His siblings hadn't seen him in a fairly long time, including his best friend and twin brother. He surprised them separately. I wasn't sure how they would react but it was awesome as a parent to see their reactions. Videos are on my channel (which is easy to find because I have like four total videos).

  7. I am going to Air Force this year after graduating high school. Respect for the Veterans and thanks for your service.

  8. Not a very good video the first one was so boring.
    Way better ones on here but full respect to the people who serve & risk their lives.

  9. The one at 6:30something!? After the young woman says that she looks terrible, the boyfriend/husband says "Yea, you do, but that's ok!" YOUNG MAN … I WOULD NEVER SAY THAT TO HER!!!!! SHE APPEARS TO BE VERY(TIMES 1 MILLION!) PRETTY!!!!! I probably wouldn't care for her looks with all kinds of makeup. Maybe I'm just an oddball, but "Awww natural!😀" is what I think looks BEST!!!!!! I WOULD BE PROUDER THAN EVER TO HAVE SOMEONE, WHO LOOKS JUST LIKE SHE DOES, TO SPEND MY LIFE WITH!!!!!!!!!! AND, if she DOES look prettier, with makeup on, treat her GREAT!!!! LIVE LONG, AND PROSPER, BOTH OF YOU!!!!

  10. My hero's coming home to their loved ones. So deserving and the reactions are so genuine. Welcome home:)

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