Best Motivational Speech Compilation Ever #3 – WAKE UP – 30-Minute Motivation Video #3



  1. I remember I went from 230 to 145 in 6 months . I stop feeling sorry for my self and really went fucking hard everyday . It’s all about your mind control !

  2. Great motivation, but please get rid of the Ray Lewis clip. He is complete trash, not a role model.

  3. Thx for this vid man 💪🙏, can anyone tell me the name of the movie at 20:00+ i forgot.

  4. I gotta say, the guy in the beginning says each day it's gonna get hard. I can't speak for anyone else but day 1 was the hardest for me. Every day after for the last year it has gotten easier and easier. It's been about 14 months, started slow and have kept building up more and more and it has gotten easier even with adding more and more. The first step, that day I finally got started after a couple years of doing nothing but thinking about it, was by far the hardest step to take, at least for me it was. After that it's all downhill.

  5. Day 74 of eating clean..8 days after vasectomy..2 kids of mine need me..I must be relentless and never give up to achieve my goals! Time to box!

  6. I am 22
    And i am going to change my life
    A poor lazy bastard to a respectable young successful man.

  7. I am 16 years old and my goal is to reach the national water polo team . However i also have to study hard in order to go to the university I want . How can I achieve both goals with the same success?

  8. Everyday you say no to your dream you might pushing your dreams back a whole six months, that one only one single day you did not wake up

  9. I lost my job and depression has me gripped. I’m trying so hard to get up and fight. Ever since a break up I just haven’t been the same. I’ve been going to the gym and praying more. Thanks for making this video it helps give a push.

  10. My mind is strong. I everyone else's is too. To carry on and be better than who you are now. That's what I believe.

  11. My name is Jake; I'm going to change the world.* I NEED people to hold me accountable.** Please ask about my progress whenever you read this comment*. I'm a lazy person. If you ask about my progress, ill give you an honest answer about my progress for each day. I'm going to change the evil in this world and make the world a lot better. PLEASE HOLD ME ACCOUNTABLE. I'm going to be 100% honest with you about day to day activities and progress towards to saving the world and bettering myself. DO NOT BE AFRAID to call me out for being lazy*. The date is 7/23/2019 right now as I am typing this. This will be a copy and paste comment. I WILL BE SUCCESSFUL AND WILL CHANGE THE WORLD. I'LL *LET YOU KNOW WEEKLY OF MY PROGRESS. CHANGE YOUR LIFE ALSO. Remember you only have one life, make today your best day yet. You do not know if you'll live tomorrow. LIVE AND KEEPING GROWING WHOEVER is reading this. The world needs more good people. YOU CAN DO IT BUDDY. GOOD LUCK TO ALL. Sorry for the caps and bold.

  12. This guy is so hardcore 🤣🤣🤣🤣 he treats life like we're in Vietnam. I just want to own an art business. Now I'm like I'M GOING TO TAKE MY ART INTO HOSTILE TERRITORY BECAUSE I'M A LION.

  13. First off I love the compilation. But the ads in the middle of speeches suck. I dont know if you can do this because I've never made a YouTube video but are you able to put them at the end of each speaker so it doesmt break the mood of the speech?

  14. I’m on day 3 on my journey to my weight loss, 3 days going hard at the gym and I haven’t felt this good in a long time. My journey to weight loss and swearing into the US Air force starts with you first! Good luck to all on their quest and remember it starts with YOU

  15. seen every1 talking about themselves so why not. 16 pressured in a very intense area in London and hungry to invest hard earned pain and work for money and foundation for a lifetime wish me luck. The journey begins.

  16. Failed school because I was a dumbass and messed around too much playing video games. Was going for my GED then lost the drive and motivation, working daytime labor jobs getting no where. Am turning this shit around right now no more bs.

  17. Living post love of my life. I have lost the spark the drive the will of fire so to speak. My dreams where aligned with hers and four months out of the healing process of her walking away I am on a path of of my friend calls actively waiting. I'm Waking up early, I have a healthy routine. Just no drive towards goals or dreams rn. Im a bit lost with out a partner rn. Not saying i can not function. Its just, I really wanted those dreams to come true; family man, home, traveled with memories, happy….. So i start again. I am close to this feeling i used to feel before my ex love left me….. Patience I say….. Great vid!!! 👊👊👊

  18. Lost me at god don’t make mistakes….kids cancer? Nah he fucked up there……

  19. Who is the guy from the Atlanta shooting? It’s a great speech. I’m from Atlanta but I don’t remember this shooting.

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