BEST healthy recipes to lose weight!! cooking with remi



  1. You know you have a true friend when they let you sniff their donut 🍩😂❤️ I love You and Eli!

  2. Ugh I wish I could eat those but I’m allergic to them. Tried them a long time ago and got a huge reaction 😩

  3. What brand of air fryer do you have? I’ve been wanting one but can’t decide what kind to get😅

  4. Next time you could throw your sauce in a blender with the arugula/ spinach and basil to make a pesto sauce!

  5. Ok but I appreciate that you ACTUALLY put the links in your description! It’s the little things ❤️

  6. What does the Alani nu code give you?? Like what discount? I tried using it and it told me it was invalid 🙁

  7. Is it just me or anyone imagined the bath bomb containers falling over the bathtub and all the bathbombs exploding?

  8. i loooove these vlogs where we see you r life doesn’t always have to be healthy, u r such a sweet and cute person and r so fun to watch!

  9. Nice to meet you! I will comment for the first time! I have been watching videos for a long time ♡ I am Japanese. When you watch your video, you will get great energy! I can be positive, I can be natural and smile 😊 Thank you for always nice videos 😊 I support you from Japan💖

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