BEST Female Martial Arts 2018!!!



  1. 女性の場合は護身術というよりスタイリッシュなスポーツという感じですね。カッコいいしダイエットにもなるしストレス解消にもなる。見た目も美しいし好きです。

  2. I never…never understood the pose or act of HOLDING YOUR FOOT STRAIGHT UP IN THE AIR OR KICKING THAT HIGH.?????
    im mean,, are the attempting to show their flexibility???… what are they doing??please dont tell me their implying that by kicking that high that it shows how……skilled at fighting they believe they are…or that their dangerous dont mess with me …i dont get it…
    My 10 year old sister was in ballet/ gymnastics and was flexible enough to do that easily,,, and she knew nothing about fighting!!…so somebody please tell me what these people are trying to get across to those who see them in these poses..

  3. Great flowery kicks, with no power behind them. Still takes skill, just not usable in a real fight. BJJ all the way

  4. I tried to train my niece (24) and nephews (21 & 17) in Boxing and Taekwondo when they were little kids, but my sister (40, RIP) kept telling me no and when I attempted to "play fight" with them during the holidays, I got yelled at constantly. T_T

  5. Impressive, but those super high kicks just mean that you are flexible, they have no place in the martial arts except for fun. Only an inexperienced amateur would throw a head-high kick in a real fight. It's the quickest way to get kicked in the groin or taken down.

  6. I want to learn material arts so so bad but my parents are old fashioned and won’t let me plus we aren’t living in a big town where I could find a decent club… 😔

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