1. I feel so dumb. I have no idea what a split is. I wish you'd do a video on it. How do you get 20sec 8 intervals to add up to 4minutes 😥 rowing was the 1st exercise i ever did as a teen in a 3rd world country. There were no such tracking mechanisms.

  2. YES! This is right up my street!! Quick and effective, this is what I need when working out, I get bored so bloody quick. Love this, thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. One correction: when you are exhausted from exercise, the limiting factor is acidosis, and you are breathing heavily to get rid of carbon dioxide, not to get more oxygen. Unless you have a lung disease, you're getting more than enough oxygen.

  4. I am almost 84, my best 2000 four months ago 7-37.7. Lots of training, 230 sessions a year. Much of it HIIT. Will give that 4 minute workout a go, very soon, I will report back!

  5. You mention a max of 34 spm, but what would be the ideal spm? My max effort is around 28 spm

  6. Nice workout,I’m trying to do my best in the training my time in 2k is 7:00 what do you recommend for me to get better now ?

  7. I know these kinds of workouts painfully well. In the winter, we do whats called 40/20s which is 40 seconds “on” or about your 2k pace followed by 20 seconds recovery. But we do it for, get this, 70 MINUTES! It is by far the most gruelling workouts i do in a given year.

  8. it would be handy if there was like an audio queue or visual que for the on and off sequences. when youre rowing along its hard to watch the timer 🙁

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