BELIEVE IN YOURSELF – Motivational Workout Speech 2018



  1. How do you stay past motivation? Above all else? How do you focus on yourself? When you feel you've achive nothing? Then feeling down even before ure able to feel up there? I just need to pass through this one.i just kept going because i realize if i stop, i failed myself.

  2. Started my cut, and there's something I want drive and put out there.

    Those saying "oh they're on roids" "steroids". Yes while some of these athletes may be using gear, it takes dedication and effort to even attain their physiques while using gear.

    It takes heart and all your soul and effort to reach the goals you desire to attain.


  3. The guy in the thumbnail is either getting head or just looking at his dick….

  4. Going for important things is brutal by default so we have to accept that. Excellent work once again, Alex! Wish everyone an amazing week!

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