Beginner Low Impact Workout for 50+ | Joanna Soh



  1. Get your mum or dad to workout with you ok?? It's never too late to start looking after your health. Exercising is important for your bone health, to maintain muscle mass, to protect your joints and avoid any unwanted injuries. This is a very easy workout to get your started! =)

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  3. I will definitely be trying these. I have facet arthritis in my L4 through L6 and degenerative disc disease. I need to lose weight and strengthen my legs as much as i can to keep me out of the wheelchair as long as possible. I have knee probs as well so the squats is gonna be hard.

  4. what do you do if you can't do child's pose. my butt will not go to my heels. 🙁 what can i do to stretch those muscles? i use to be able to sit on my heels. and cross legged is very uncomfortable. what is good to stretch the muscles that uses those positions?

  5. Thanks, I'm near 62, have Osteoarthritis in my left knee, bursitis thanks to old injuries. I need to do weigh work, thanks.

  6. Thank you Joanna. If you have more body sculpt or strength training for 40+ women, do post more. I gonna be more fit 🤩 than I was when I am 23

  7. 😘😘😘 absolutely love u Jo, ur like family. I noticed that you inspire so many in comments here. I just completed this after doing low impact … cardio and …. I feel great. I will have to continue doing this. Thank you, Jo…great job.

  8. Thank you for this workout. This one is most applicable to me. Would appreciate seeing more workouts with your mom. Congrats and more power to you!

  9. Hi Joanna, can you please show some exercises to prevent and cure cervical/spondylitis .

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