Beginner Full Body Workout



  1. Love it! Great video! Full body workout are the best! And just using two dumbbells, these beginner exercises can be done at home too. I thought all the exercise information during the video were great. Thumb-up. Keep it up. I have subscribed. Can you help me out and subscribe back?

  2. I've been more interested in doing full body workouts lately 🙂 Nice video Yoana! I'm new here just started my channel about 2 weeks ago but I'm glad I found you! 🙂 Peace, JR.

  3. I am definitely not on track! I do not have a program that im currently in so i think something like a daily regimen would be helpful. Ive thought about shakeology to supplement a diet but its SO expensive :-/ #healthiswealth

  4. I've never been intimidated by the gym. In fact, I can pretty much only work out at a gym. I feel too lazy otherwise. #yta

  5. The girl at 3:51 …Were she annoyed by the camera? Keep grinding, I love being active but mainly cycling and running with the occasional weight training session. #YTA

  6. I love the fact that you focused on the posture and gave very good detailed tips on that. I have kind of slacked off but am recently getting back on track. Thank you for sharing #HealthIsWealth

  7. I’m new, Just found you’re channel… Such great content! Love it! I subscribed! Just started my fitness journey and this is great!

  8. So true about the neck position for many of these lifts! I struggle with that a lot still and can tell when my neck is strained the next day.

  9. Nice! You are killing it. I just did my first triathlon this past weekend and it super rewarding because I busted my butt to finish it. Keep making these great videos you are inspiring many!

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