Becky Lynch and Lacey Evans’ interview gets heated: Raw, June 10, 2019



  1. Becky Lynch and Lacey Evans have something in common they both have obsessions
    Becky's obsession is being champ and Lacey's obsession is dressing like it's the year 1910

  2. Lacey a real former Marine yet Becky was a flight attendant…who's the real man!!!!!

  3. Just look at Lacey Evans. wow. Vince make Lacey Evans the female version of Brock Lesnar who will destroy every single female supersters including this ugly trans botchamania becky.

  4. You get her Becky, Lacey doesn’t know who she’s talkin about, and even though I’m a person with mix of Latin American and European ancestry who was born in the United States, I feel more like I should be European rather then being an American citizen, and I slightly agree with the rest of the world that the United States always starts wars, and always steals cultural foods from around the world, and all of this makes me believe that people who trace their ancestry back to Europe, should return there if they feel like America is still letting them feel uncomfortable right now!

  5. If lacey Evans does win the title at stomping grounds I would have no problem for it I wont like it but if so then wwe should put the title on ember moon cause she deserves it

  6. BOOORRRIIINNNGGG ! Stone- Cold Steve Austin LOL !!! I Feel Terrible For BECKY 2 BELTS In This Video. This Was A Waste Of Time Period ! Imagine If She Just, Justifiably Said. Becky…. I'm So Sorry Lads. I Get Yous, I'm Outta Here ! LOL !!! To The Stupid Teleprompter, WHAT ?!!!

  7. Lacey looks so unnatural and uncomfortable , out of place during interviews. Very poor actor. Zero charisma.

  8. Vince is KILLING ALL of Becky`s Momentum coming out of Wrestlemania. She`s not ready yet Congrats Vince

  9. Hahaha, so much contradiction in promo. What you, smell is you’re own b.o lacey, that’s why you keep wiping it off. And, bex use to be pudgy, and wear granny knickers too😘

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