Bayley & Sasha Banks will take on all opposition at WrestleMania: Raw, March 25, 2019



  1. 😍😍😍 Sasha’s attitude…. the money in a heel Sasha Banks is insane. She’s just naturally a great one

  2. Omg Sasha And possibly bayley is gonna turn heel cause Sasha did say she recieved good news so maybe she got the approval now to go full blown heel

  3. No, them, the iiCONICS and Sky Pirates. Triple threat representing all three brands. But hey, they did Asuka dirty so that's okay, right?

  4. So…Zack and Curt are going to become the new Diva's champions? They going to dress in drag? Santino Marella would be so proud XD

  5. Please just don't let them lose their titles yet. I FEEL LIKE WE DIDN'T SEE ANYTHING PROMISING FROM THIS TITLES YET!

  6. To be brutally honest i think nobody cares what happens to them or their titles. People are more concerned and invested about asuka

  7. The IIconics does have something to say tonight on Smackdown Live about their win against Sasha Banks and Bayley last week.

  8. put it in a ladder match already, Sasha and baley vs via and taming vs the iconics vs Beth and Natalya

  9. Sasha n bayley need to turn heel.. I want to see heel sasha bcoz she's great as a heel.. n pretty excited if I can see bayley as a heel (myb attire just like sasha, trust me she will looks good on that) it might be perfect if they turn heel before Mania..

  10. It should've been a triple threat but with all 3 brands RAW,SDL,NXT. Not 2 RAW and 1 SDL. What was the point of sending them back to NXT if nothing happens from it.

  11. Heel Sasha is gold! Plain and simple.

    I think it’s inevitable seeing them both turn heel, especially with the long reign that they’re bound to have, and I’m here for it!

  12. So ut means Sasha Bayley vs Iconics vs Nia Tamina vs Natalya and Beth at Wretlemania.?

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