Basic Heavy Chest Workout For Mass | John Meadows & Seth Shaw



  1. at the end of the video john, you said being strong isn't going to make you massive that comes from how you train.. how exactly do you mean?

  2. His intensity when he hit 3 plates on incline, hit me better than BA tingles.

  3. Hey John.. old video but what brand are those elbow sleeves? I like that they dont cover an entire half of the upper and lower arm

  4. I love how johns wife is always there. It’s like they just hang out and do stuff together maybe goto the gym maybe hit up an antique show. You know whatever just another day being married 😂 I love it. All the best to you man.

  5. I ask reg. shoulderissues cause I work with injuries and that your collarbone is resting unnaturally much on the top of ribcage, which then makes it kind of locked, something that then locks the shoulderblade more than intended and so makes move with arm not as free as intended evolved to. If you get issues with shoulders, hit me.

  6. Thank you for your content you have help me learn that it’s all in the form not the lbs. thank you🙏

  7. I need some help guys. I am over 30 going for 32 actually been training for a bit over a year and I started noticing shoulder and elbow pain.
    Was asking myself if this could be caused by going too low with the bar while bench pressing. Currently I am following what most fitness youtubers tell you to do. Go all the way down until you touch the chest, while maintaining an arched back (trying to be a contortionist pretty much) and all the way up, making sure you lock out the elbows at the top. I am starting to doubt if that's good for the long run though.

  8. I've always caught hell doing incline barbell presses any advice on technique enhancement John?

  9. I would dare to say that they both use……".chemistry", if I am wrong they both have exceptional stamina, so many hard sets in so many exercises……………

  10. John! Love the videos and workouts my dude. You're like a walking bodybuilding encyclopedia but you're killing me on how you count reps! Count early then late then late then early and sometimes you miss one

  11. John is a great channel love the videos, great content. LOL please stop using overlapping music because it’s a distraction. I can’t tell if that was a mistake or if it was intentional because there’s actually no transitions but other than that your videos are awesome

  12. I've only been working out for 6 months but why don't they lower the bar all the way down to their chest just curious

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