BACK WORKOUT | POST 2019 JAPAN PRO | Cody Montgomery @ Mi40 Gym



  1. Oh God! So now you need two personal trainers hovering around you, tapping and touching you all over your body and coaching you for every rep. LOL at the guy just always keeping his finger tips on Cody's elbow as he rowing while the girl with the fat ass is touching and poking him on his back constantly coaching. Imagine Dorian, Jay, Coleman doing crap like that? It use to be you only needed a spotter on lifts like bench and squats so you can safely push yourself to the limit. This almost looks like what hairdressers and make-up artists do to an actor before getting on stage. How much he is paying these two or are they just doing it for the camera?

  2. This is how to train when one wants to get bigg, cody is a very good guy with a crazy friendly additude!!
    Keep up the greet work also guys follow him on snapchat


  4. Sick workout Cody! You should explain why your coaches really want every rep to be perfect. It's the training method at Mi40? I find that very interesting. Do most of your sets are straight sets or do you include bi/tri/giants sets sometimes?
    It reminds me a bit of how Dorian trained. This changes a bit from the legendary leg workout with Cormier lol. Keep the good job bro, you looked sick at Japan. Good Luck!

  5. Love it brother, thanks for uploading every so often. Just curious, do you train this way for longevity/safety sake (because you're prone to injury/afraid to get reinjured) or because you feel it is truly best for bodybuilding purposes? I know that you used to perform movements in a more traditional tempo/rep scheme so it would be incredibly valuable to hear your insight on why you've chosen to stray from that. Appreciate your time, merry Christmas

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