Back Workout for Beginners at Planet Fitness



  1. Hi Wavvy love this video props your bro to document every exercise workout , how many hours you stay at the gym ?

  2. No disrespect to Zach Levi, but check out his YouTube video of him getting ready for his Movie Shazam. His bent over rows need to be like the ones in this video. He does not use proper form like in this video and he pays a trainer a lot of money 💰and is using bad form. Watching that video makes you appreciate when you have advanced to a point in your training where you use a lighter weight to keep good form, and not one that is too heavy and you are just throwing it around.🙀

  3. Thanks man, thhis helps for planet fitness. May i ask why you alternate to the machines , dumbells and then to the pully if it already works on the muscle either method?

  4. doc told me i had to get more strength in my back after a back injury i had a few years ago and i was completely lost on how to do that so I signed up for the gym today and this gave me all sorts of ideas on how to do that i love the videos man i was having so much anxiety about going to the gym and after watching your videos i feel i can do this

  5. man your planet fitness has way better back machines than mine. all I got is horizontle rows and unilateral lat pull down machine (meaning you can do one arm at a time)… which is kind of cool, but I like the pull down row thing that you got

  6. Good job!!! I also pull from floor to hip. You know like at angle. Like cranking a lawnmower. But I'm sure it's more than one way to perform this movement. I also utilize the dumbell rack (standing in a higher position). Each range of motion targets different areas (muscles) of the back.

  7. Love your videos! I always feel awkward trying to decide what machines too use while at the gym, so i like watching these to have a guideline/plan of what to do.
    Side note, you are a very attractive man.

  8. Keep the videos coming ! Recently started going to planet fitness and trying to get big like you ! Great videos ! 👍🏻

  9. Thanks for the video. This would be more helpful if you included the machine names. If you talked about what mucles each workout targeted, that would be helpful too. : )

  10. I'm enjoying your videos, thank you for posting…Ive been looking for videos like this for planet fitness. Ive lost 11lbs at home and I need to now increase my weights so joking PF.

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